Our Vision

We are working for education for all in the face of conflict and poverty. Education is a right. It is also the most requested service, and key to helping communities move towards peace and prosperity.

Support Us

When you support AET you are helping to build stronger education systems that will provide education to everyone. You are also giving people who missed out on school the chance to gain the skills and knowledge they want and need.

Education for All

Everyone deserves an education regarless of age or gender, religion or physical capacity, ethnic group or diplacement through conflict. Education is essential if people are to participate in the life of their own communities.


Urgent Appeal: Make a difference to the lives of children in war-torn South Sudan by helping train a teacher for them.

£1000 will get one teacher trained.

You can be part of the first ever programme to train teachers by distance learning in South Sudan.

Your support will enable a secondary school teacher like Anne (pictured) to complete their training and get a recognised teacher training certificate by November 2016. There are 30 more teachers waiting in line to be trained this year. Every £1000 will get one of them through the teacher training course.

By supporting this teacher training programme you will be improving the quality of education for thousands of South Sudanese children. South Sudan has the highest rate of children out of school in the world and one of the biggest problem for schools is the shortage of teachers.