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We are working for education for all in the face of conflict and poverty.


Education is a right. It is also the most requested service, and key, to helping communities move towards peace and prosperity. Supporting education is a recognition of people’s enormous potential and the right to a better future.


When you support AET you are helping to build stronger education systems that will provide education to everyone. You are also giving people who missed out on school the chance to gain the skills and knowledge they want and need.


Everyone deserves an education regardless of age or gender, religion or physical capacity, ethnic group or displacement through conflict. Education is essential if people are to participate in the life of their own communities.

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What would education be like for your child this year, if you lived in Uganda?

Answer five simple questions, and you can get a glimpse at what school is like in another country.

It’s back to school season. Parents know that every year of school has its own joys and challenges. But do you ever wonder what those might be like if your family lived in a different country?

Take our quiz and see what the school year might hold for you and your children if you lived in Uganda.

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