Accelerated Secondary School for Women Opening in Yambio

Posted Wednesday March 08, 2017 by Africa Educational Trust

Accelerated Secondary School for Women Opening in Yambio

AET is pleased to announce that it will be expanding its Accelerated Secondary Education for Women (ASEW) project to Yambio Town, Western Equatoria, South Sudan.

ASEW was initially piloted in Rumbek town between 2012-2015. Impressively all the students involved in the pilot passed their final examinations and the school has since been ranked the highest performing school in Lakes State and the 9th (out of 200) nationally. ASEW in Yambio will build upon the success of the pilot to give young women in Western Equatoria a second chance at education.

Graduates celebrating post examsWhat is accelerated education? In contexts where many children and adolescents have missed out of education due to poverty, conflict and discrimination, accelerated education provides them with a second chance at education. How accelerated education is delivered can vary but it typically requires condensing the curriculum and building the capacity of teachers to deliver active and learner-centered teaching. ASEW is a particularly unique approach as it is the only documented secondary school level accelerated education programme in the world and so provides an important evidence base and a model to be replicated and learnt from within and beyond the South Sudan context.

The need for improving secondary school access for girls and young women in South Sudan is acute. In South Sudan girls are more than twice as likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth as they are to make it through primary school and into secondary education[1]. In Western Equatoria State, only one-third of secondary school students are female and of those almost half will drop out in their final two years of secondary education[2], most commonly citing early marriage, pregnancy and difficulties paying fees combined with parental and community prejudices that undervalue girls’ education as their reasons for leaving.

Over the course of three years, 50 young women will complete their secondary education and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to enable them to access opportunities for work or further study.

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