Ambassador Programme

AET Ambassador Programme

Be an AET ambassador in your community

Be active in your own community and help support education in a community in Eastern Africa

We like to say that education requires a team effort and we need a network of supporters here in the UK, Europe and North America who can will be champions for education in conflict. And if we are going to build this amazing network of people supporting education in Eastern Africa, we are going to need some people to help lead the way. That is where you come in as an AET ambassador.

Who are we looking for?

Want to be active in your community and build some new connections?
Looking for a way to do something positive and share your passion for global justice?
Want to volunteer and give your time to a great cause?

You might be just the sort of person we are looking for. We need people who are eager and willing to reach out to their networks of friends, co-workers, and community to raise support for the work Africa Educational Trust does.

What does it involve?

The role of AET Ambassador can be shaped around your time, your commitments and your networks. We have a calendar of events, key issues and types of outreach that we would like people to connect with, but we are also to eager to hear from you and work together to develop ideas based on what you believe will engage people in your community to support education for children in conflict.

Some activities that ambassadors might be involved:

  • Promoting AET’s fundraising events and activities
  • Networking with local businesses and leaders
  • Using social media to create and share content
  • Holding small presentations for community groups and schools about AET’s work

We will support you all the way

As an ambassador you will get all the support you need so that you feel confident and prepared when engaging with people around our work. We provide an orientation for all AET ambassadors so you can learn everything you need about the organisation and what we do. You will be kept in the loop with information and materials around key events or issues we are asking you promote locally. If you need any customised support or materials, we will help you to create what you need.

As we build this programme, we also hope to give you the chance to connect with other ambassadors to share ideas. You will also have the chance to connect with our programmes and leadership teams to learn more and discuss the projects you are helping to support.

How can I become an AET ambassador

If you think that this sounds like something you would be eager to do please send an email to Adrienne Gregory with a short introduction of yourself and we can talk more about this opportunity.

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Are you a university student? You might want to check out our university rep programme!

What could you do?

Ambassadors in Action

We have many ambassadors who are teachers or ex-teachers. They have helped us make contact with schools and teachers they know, allowing us to fundraise and promote our school outreach programme.

Through our work, we meet a number of people who are part of the African diaspora here in the UK. Their personal experience with the challenges and issues in the countries we work in make them great speakers and advocates for our work.

Our ambassadors in the corporate sector provide us links to opportunities within their business networks and offices as well as providing advice on working effectively with corporate partnerships.