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Millions of children around the world lack access to books in their homes and cannot access books elsewhere. Books are an expensive luxury and for many families taking care of basic needs will always win over buying books. Libraries are the solution!

For a donation of £30, you can help a collection of 10 books reach a library and get into the hands of eager readers.

Get books into readers hands

We are an educational charity, working in East Africa, supporting educational programmes for all groups of people and are looking to raise £3000 to allow us to transport 10,000 books, donated by Book Aid to libraries in Somalia, including the brand-new community library in Hargeisa, which is open to all for learning.

Somalia lost so many books and libraries during the civil war. We have been working to rebuild these precious collections of knowledge for over 10 years. In 2016, with the opening of our new community library in Hargeisa, Somaliland, we are continuing to make books available to everyone, supporting a culture of life-long learners and book lovers.

All funds raised from this campaign will go to getting the donated books from the port into the hands of readers including:

  • £1360 to off-loading  and clear the books through customs
  • £880 for sorting and logging the books to ensure they are evenly distributed
  • £760 to transport books to different libraries across the region

This support will have a tremendous impact on our library and readers.

  • Providing approx. 10,000 books in libraries, by ensuring a brighter future for thousands of adults and children through the power of literacy.
  • Allowing 200,000 readers to experience the joy of a good book.
  • Benefiting 66 libraries from schools to universities to mobile donkey libraries to our brand-new community library.

All donors who provide contact information will receive notice of the books shipment and an impact statement of their donation.

Help rebuild libraries across Somalia and support life-longer learners and book-lovers

Make a difference

Meet some of our library users

Awo is a student making the most of her education. Awo told us that she has committed herself to reading as many books as she can from the mobile library that comes around weekly.

Hibo is 12 years old and has benefited from the mobile library in her school since 2010. She is usually the first one in line when the mobile library arrives into her area.

Kadar lives in a small village and is one the beneficiaries of AET’s mobile library for disabled people in Somaliland.

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How we support library and literacy

We have supported the establishment of lending libraries in communities and schools affected by conflict and poverty.

When we support the establishment of libraries, we are not just making sure that books are in place, but that they are managed and accessible. Sometimes this means making libraries mobile. We have used lorries, motorcycles and donkeys to help books travel around communities and reach people who would have trouble travelling to a library or learning centre. We also train teachers and librarians in how to appropriately organise, manage, and rotate the collections of books.

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