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Robert’s Story

Having missed out on years of education while living as a refugee, many returnees like Robert have found it difficult to return to South Sudan and rejoin the community they left years ago.

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“I was a disadvantaged youth, born of a peasant farmer in Yambio, Southern Sudan. When I was about seven years old, I fell ill and became paralysed. To make things worse, in 1990 as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army forces captured Yambio, my parents and I had to escape for refuge to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Luckily in 2005, we were repatriated back to my hometown. So, I began to think about how I could help myself rebuild my life. I started making local furniture to sell and earn a living. I realised, however, if I got an education, I could earn more income. I needed to find a way to make my dreams come true. I knew that to get employed the only way forward was through education, so even though my life was tough and difficult to manage, I was determined to learn.

I started looking for educational opportunities, but none I found were going to provide me with the skills I needed to get the good job I desired, until I heard about the AET Speak-Up radio English literacy classes, for people like me who had little or no access to English language education.

Thanks to the AET Speak-Up radio, I was able to access English language literacy classes which has turned out to be so useful in my everyday life. The training has allowed me to communicate with more people when selling my locally-made furniture. Thanks to my increased English ability, I am planning to enrol in a computer training course very soon.”

“Wahoo! Bravo! Here I am, Robert once a man who couldn’t imagine ever smiling again after missing years of education due to the unfortunate situation I went through. Now, my life has a new beginning and is now open to great success!”

Civil war continues to disrupt people’s lives in South Sudan. Africa Educational Trust works to ensure that education doesn’t have to end when conflict begins. We continue to support people in acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to improve their lives.

Speak-Up, is a twice-weekly radio education programme, aimed at people who missed out on formal schooling. The 6-month long programme teaches basic English, including speaking, reading and writing through discussions on useful topics ranging from health to agriculture to human rights. Lessons are broadcast regularly, and for people eager to acquire qualifications, it’s possible to join a certified course based on the programme.

Speak-Up brings together people from all different background to learn together, building stronger, more inclusive communities.

You can give the gift of education to someone, like Robert, who desperately wants to learn.


Speak-Up Radio School

Radio Education Programme

Radio lessons are low-cost, low-profile ways to provide lessons. This makes them perfect to reach large numbers of people, even when conflict continues to plague a region.


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Africa Educational Trust has been using radio broadcasts and pre-recorded lessons to provide basic literacy and numeracy education across the regions where we work for over 15 years.

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