Corporate Partners


Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners make a substantial impact through their generous contribution of skills and resources. In turn we offer a variety of opportunities for you to lever this partnership into improved relationships with both clients and staff.

As a medium-sized charity, we are able to support an individual relationship with your company and explore common ground in order to develop a strong, suitable partnership.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Improve Staff Morale
    Provide opportunities to engage staff and build a stronger, more cohesive team.
  • yellowMake a Difference
    Stand in support of a cause you believe in and make a difference.
  • Brand Impact
    Highlight values of your brand to your clients and staff.
  • Intercultural Skills
    Improve intercultural skills to compete in the diverse workplace that is today’s world.

How to Support Us

Our offices are often in need a variety of resources. If you have resources that you think could benefit our work, we’d love to hear from you.

Strategic and Brand Partnership
Just like an individual donor, your financial contribution to our work will improve education for some of the most excluded people. Whether you are interested in making us your charity of the year, or funding a specific type of project, we can work with you to target your donation where it will make the biggest impact in our communities overseas and for your brand and its values.

Corporate SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAVolunteering
The knowledge and expertise you have gained in business should never be undervalued. Whether you know finances, legal affairs, public relations, web-design, or logistics, your skills can help us to give more people the chance of an education.

Staff Engagement
Helping out for a ’cause’ is a great way to build a strong team spirit among your employees and a good way to bring some fun and energy into your workplace. We can work with you to create a calendar of activities and team building exercises or one-off events that bring staff closer together.


Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a simple and cost-effective way to donate, so why not encourage your employees to donate a small, regular amount from their salaries to provide education to people who need it the most? When donations come straight from your salary before tax, it effectively increases the value of your contribution and the Inland Revenue gives us the tax it would otherwise have kept (generally an extra 25%).

You could establish casual Friday as an incentive for all employees who sign-up!

For more information on our corporate sponsorship schemes please contact us.

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Spotlight on our Sponsors

Leigh Day is one of the UK’s leading human rights law firms and, having represented over 5,200 victims of torture during the Kenya Emergency of the 1950s, has a passionate interest in the lives of excluded communities in Kenya.

Since 2007, we have partnered with Leigh Day to improve the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans in the remote rural communities of Dol Dol, Kenya. Over the years, our partnership has taken many forms. Leigh Day staff have participated in marathons, and organised office events such as quizzes, to raise valuable funds for us. We have provided opportunities for staff to travel to overseas projects to see our work first hand. Regular support has been provided to over 60 orphans. Leigh Day’s dedication to this work has dramatically improved school facilities, teaching quality and the lives of many children in this community.



Find your Wings.

find your wings

Find Your Wings is focused on supporting women to make positive decisions and take control of their future; whether that be in returning to work after a break, developing your business further or starting something new on your own.  It’s not about achieving ‘Perfect’ for us, it’s about finding the right balance for each woman. We offer courses, mentoring and coaching to help women focus on their strengths, learn new skills and rediscover their confidence.  Working with individuals and businesses, we believe passionately in the importance of women supporting women; by supporting each other, we all rise. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills combine to make a powerful recipe which any woman would find helpful in furthering her future.  Access to the right type of education alongside inspirational role models is a key foundation stone to any young woman’s future success, which is why we support the work done by Africa Education Trust.

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