COVID-19: Our Global Response

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COVID-19: Our Global Response

As the global COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

Every decision we make is guided by the long-standing commitment toward the health and well being of those who we work with as well as ourselves. 

We are continuously evolving our approach as we navigate through this unprecedented challenge. We are working closely with our beneficiaries, communities, and local staff to address their needs and create solutions.

Africa Educational Trust is closely monitoring global developments on COVID-19 and following recommendations from both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are following our risk mitigation plan for such situations, and as the situation evolves, our global leadership team are holding regular briefings to swiftly determine the best course of action for our staff, our programs, and our beneficiaries.

We have taken immediate action whilst also looking to adapt and innovate in response to this new reality. A few immediate steps we have taken are: ensuring all of our offices are following the relevant national government advice, asking our team to work remotely and postponing all non-essential travel.

Enabling the communities to manage their own health and safety is also a critical priority. Currently, schools in the countries in which we work in have been closed and we have suspended all of  AET’s in-school activities. Just like in the Global North, we recognise that people who live in remote regions and marginalised  communities will be the most adversely hit economically in this wave of the pandemic. The vulnerable will take the brunt of this hardship, lacking money, access to food, health care, and the much-needed personal supplies typically provided through the programs we offer.

We are leveraging our network of fellow organisations, community leaders and programme alumni to help mitigate the crisis. We have partnered with other NGOs to pool our resources and reach as many beneficiaries as possible. Previously, our innovative radio education programmes were hugely successful and reached over 250.000 learners. We also have an abundance of lessons on MP3s, memory sticks and other audio devices. This will ensure that important information is not missed – regardless of quarantine.

Education cannot wait and nor will we.

Stay safe.


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