Do Your Own Fundraiser!

Do Your Own Fundraiser!

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Do Your Own Fundraiser!

Don’t let our ideas constrain your fundraising!

So many of our successful fundraising events have come from people finding a way to turn something they love into a great fundraiser

20151201_100158Be active
Do you like to challenge yourself? Sign up or get sponsored for something like a 10K run or cycle tour. Keep your eyes out for our annual events or find your own and contact us about sponsorship.

Be social
Get your favourite people together and have some fun. You can host a barbecue, host a quiz night, or maybe even a murder mystery night… just ask for an entry fee or donation to make it a fundraiser!

Be creative
Be ready to show your talent! Are you a great singer, baker, or super strong? Let your creativity flow and your talent can be turned into a great fundraiser or sponsorship event!

If you have an idea please get in touch with our fundraising team who will be happy to provide support to you

Whenever you have time and whatever works for you

In your community

As much or as little as you need to make your fundraiser a success

Completely up to you!

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