Exams Matter

Posted Wednesday June 03, 2015 by Africa Educational Trust

Exams Matter

Nura Dahir Barkhad was born in 1992, the last born in a family of seven; five boys and two girls. Nura started primary school in 1999 and completed in 2007. She joined Nuradiin one private secondary school and completed in 2011. She enrolled in Admas University in Hargeisa for a Bachelor in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and graduated in 2014. She says without AET, none of this would have happened, ‘I was able able to attend Admas University in Ethiopia because I sat and passed quality exams supported by AET which are recognized in other countries.’

Nura“Many girls shy away from computers. What inspired you to take ICT?” asked the interviewer.

My interest in ICT started after a school career talk by an administrator of Abaarso Technical College. The administrator had pointed out that Somali people avoid ICT. I felt challenged. I decided to research further on ICT through the internet. The more I researched, the more I got hooked up to ICT. I then decided to study hard in my secondary education to secure placement in an ICT degree classroom. That meant only one thing;- study hard for Africa Educational Trust sponsored examinations that have regional recognition. Admas University is an Ethiopian University that recognizes Africa Educational Trust supported examinations.

Nura’s role model is Edna Aaadan, Somaliland former first lady that constructed a hospital in Hargeisa. The hospital is a landmark institution of maternal care and medical training.

“What challenges did you encounter in your ICT studies?” asked the interviewer.

I had attended single sex classrooms in secondary school and had to adjust to mixed classes in the University. It took a while for me to get used to the new environment. Boys would tease girls when presenting and I realized I had to assert myself to survive in this male dominated field. More girls enrolled and outnumbered the boys . The training was very participatory as every student had to make presentations to the whole class and this helped to build my confidence in public speaking.

For now, I am looking for a job that would offer me opportunities to utilize my ICT skills.

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