Hawa’s Story

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Hawa’s Story

Hawa is the mother of Shamim. She is 37 years old from Buchiti village. She shares with you how poverty drove her to rely on her children for income and how the Child Restoration Outreach Project helped her turn her life around.

hawa pic edited“Life was quite miserable and disgusting. My husband abandoned me and I had no way to care for the children. Often, we’d have one meal a day. This forced my children to do odd jobs on the streets at a very young age. Worse still, they dropped out of school because I could not provide scholastic materials.”

In 2013, our social workers met Hawa’s daughter, Shamim while she was hawking porridge on the streets. “The social workers interviewed my daughter and thereafter, did a home tracing and visited my home. This was a wondrous story of how I became connected with the Child Restoration Outreach project.”

“Transitional classes helped my daughter to catch up after staying a long time out of school. By the end of the year, my daughter could read, write and count. She excelled in her assignments and was promoted to re-join formal school. My child’s involvement in Child Restoration Outreach programs has led to the transition of my child off the streets.”

She says, “as caregivers, we need to love, care and support our children. The rehabilitation process is key in helping the child to be transformed. Caregivers must develop active listening and give a child opportunity to speak during counseling. This can yield good fruits and healing. I would like to urge all parents and caregivers to devise a means of nonviolent communication in our homes to ensure that the children who are withdrawn from the streets stay in our homes. There is need to show the children love and care as well as provide basic needs to the children.”

hawa and shamim edit“The counseling by the social workers led me to join one of their Self-Help Groups to improve my finances. I am proud to report that to date I have a total of 200,000 shillings (£42) as savings. The Self-Help Group concept has quenched the thirst and emptiness in my life. I am now full of potential and energy. I can save 1000 shillings on a weekly basis as well as access small loans. I have been able to acquire a loan of 400,000 shillings (£85). I have started a grocery business. This has enabled me to pay rent and last term I didn’t even need the help of the Child Restoration Outreach project to pay for the education of my children. My potential has been unlocked to fight against poverty and improve my livelihood. My ambition is to set up a wholesale shop in the centre of Mbale town. I hope to buy a plot of land to be able to build a house of my own so that I can escape the monster of monthly rent as well as become involved in agriculture to grow food for my family.”

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Africa Educational Trust and the Child Restoration Outreach project helps address the reasons children end up on the street and give comprehensive support to get them and their families back on their feet.

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Hawa’s Daughter- Shamim

shamim pic miniShamim had to drop out of school to help her mother when times got tough, but with our help, she’s back in the classroom.

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