Hopes and Dreams of Uganda’s Secondary School Students

Posted Thursday May 05, 2016 by Africa Educational Trust

Hopes and Dreams of Uganda’s Secondary School Students

We asked some of the students involved with our career counseling project to share with us what their hopes and dreams were for their education. Here is what two of the students told us:

uganda trip 438 copyName: Cecelia

Age: 17 years old

Year: Senior 4

Gender: Female

Family: In my family we are seven children and I am the second last born, I stay with both my parents at home.

Career: I want to be a lawyer after school. I like the job because I want to develop my reasoning ability and I want to bring justice in courts of law. Not only that I would also like to raise my family and uplift them to the next level.

Challenges: Despite my ability to become a lawyer, I do face challenges. There is a shortage of money to raise my fees, and sometimes people tell me its not possible for a girl from the rural area to become a lawyer.

Inspiration: All in all I have been inspired by my own determination, advice from my friends and the community and also I have been influenced by those who I have met who I have achieved it.

Future Life: If I am to picture or figure out how my life will be, if I happen to achieve my dream, I think I will be brilliant in handling diplomatic issues which will bring justice in the court of law. I think my family will be the happiest of all and my community will become more developed.

uganda trip 338Name: Gerald

Age: 17 years

Year: Senior 5

Gender: Male

Family: My parents are gone. I’m being looked after by my uncle. We are eight in number from my family but since there is no one to support me it is my uncle who cares about me, and the other six children are being looked after by my elder brother.

Career Goal: I want to be an engineer because I want a respectful job and I know engineers earn a good salary. That way I can support my younger brothers and sisters who have nobody to support them.

Challenges: Because my family is poor I lack basic requirements, inadequate scholastic materials, and often my school fees are paid bit by bit. I know there will be no money to proceed to the course I would want to do because of no money and support from parents. I will need to do very well to get a scholarship.

Inspiration: I get inspired by advice from my friends and some teachers. ‘Nothing in this world is without a solutions’, says my grandmother and this encourages me to work so hard in order to get financial support for my fees and the scholastic materials as well. Also the poverty of my family gives me drive. I know that in this modern world, illiterate people struggle and if I want to improve my life I have to work hard.

Future life: I want my home to be modernised, enjoyed by everyone who visits and the environment to be happy. My work will be nice and those who I work with will appreciate my services. I will help modernise and develop my Country. I also feel like I would create job in my community like builders and other helpers.


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