Marian’s Story

Our Stories – Off the streets and back to school

Marian’s Story

Mariam is 40 years old and a mother of 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy). She has raised the children single-handily after her husband abandoned her 10 years ago.

mariam pic“After the disappearance of my husband,” exclaims Mariam, “life seemed ‘dark’ and ‘hopeless’ with no sure source of income. My poor children had to drop out of school because I could not raise tuition and scholastic materials. In addition, the land lord of the house we were renting threw us out and we had to rely on the charity of family to take us in, which was hard with 6 children. I was forced to start doing casual labour in people’s homes to make ends meet. This was a push factor for my daughter to go to the streets.

Child Restoration Outreach social workers met my daughter selling pancakes around the streets of Mbale. When the social worker came she told me not to send my daughter back onto the streets but rather send her to Child Restoration Outreach centre to be enrolled in the school transitional class.”

Mariam explains, “children take time to normalize after being on the streets. Street children are always insulted and tagged as destitutes. This is so demeaning and degrading to a child and it reduces their self-esteem and confidence. The family of the child ought to avoid hauling insults to the child and referring to their past street life, but rather psychosocial support is required to help the child build resilience.”

Mariam says, “I would like to hail Child Restoration Outreach project for restoring and rescuing my child from the streets. Furthermore, my child has been able to resume education. She is now able to read, write and count because of the transitional classes. I hope with continued help she will continue her education”

You can give the gift of education to someone who desperately wants to learn


Off the Streets

Back to School

When children don’t make it to school, you help us get them back into the classroom and back on track for a bright future.


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Africa Educational Trust and the Child Restoration Outreach project helps address the reasons children end up on the street and give comprehensive support to get them and their families back on their feet.

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Hawa’s Daughter- Shamim

shamim pic miniShamim had to drop out of school to help her mother when times got tough, but with our help, she’s back in the classroom.

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