New Partnership with Reddendi

Posted Tuesday June 28, 2016 by Africa Educational Trust

New Partnership with Reddendi

We are thrilled to announce our charity partnership with Reddendi.

A couple of months back, when Reddendi approached us to be their charity partner for their Africa necktie range, we knew this could be an amazing opportunity because, as dedicated as they were to creating elegant neckties, they believed just as passionately about giving back to education. In fact the very name they chose for their company, ‘Reddendi,’ means to give back.

What was it that drew them to education? Well in their own words:

‘At Reddendi we believe that education is the only sustainable way to ensure that unity, prosperity and hope prevail in today’s world. We believe that many of the geopolitical issues that we face in the 21st century can be addressed through education. One example, of many, is that conflict has been shown to be twice as likely in countries with high levels of education inequality. We personally have been lucky enough to have had fantastic opportunities to learn and it is important to give future generations the same chance.’

suited up and tieWe couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Education is truly transformational. For every Reddendi necktie sold, a donation will be made to help transform the life of one child through providing better education. They are already off to an incredible start, with their Kickstarter campaign reaching its target in just a few days. Their first order of neckties is underway and we are looking forward to watching them grow as we work together to better education.

We hope you will check out their website as every African print necktie purchased will mean a donation to a child’s education through the Africa Educational Trust.

If you are looking for an elegant necktie that will help set you apart, know that you will also be setting a child up for a better future at the same time.

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