NGO Partnerships

NGO Partnerships

Since 1999, we have partnered with the following NGOs to deliver a huge variety of programmes to excluded groups across Africa. These have included:

Book Aid International – Founded in 1954, Book Aid International has sent over 30 million books to libraries in Africa and supports over 2000 libraries annually. Since 2001, BAI has helped us to establish and embellish new and existing school libraries and reading rooms in Somaliland, Puntland, Uganda, and South Sudan where educational resources are scarce.

Good Gifts – Good Gifts is an organisation that gives you the opportunity to three-villagersdonate gifts that change lives. The price of the gift is passed on to the Africa Educational Trust, so it is an excellent way of solving your gift problems, and supporting our work. Funds received from the Good Gifts catalogue have helped AET fund a huge variety of education, literacy and life skills programmes.

Candlelight for Health, Education & Environment (CHEE) – Candlelight is a development organisation dedicated to providing education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and income-generating programmes for marginalised members of the Somaliland community. Candlelight helped AET deliver our Flexible Approaches to Basic Education (FABE) programme which aimed to provide a flexible quality education to children and young people from pastoralist and nomadic communities.

Literacy and Adult Basic Education (LABE) – LABE aims to tackle illiteracy in Uganda by promoting literacy practices and increasing access to information in local communities, particularly among women and children. AET supported LABE’s four year Mother Tongue Education (MTE) project which was implemented in 240 schools across the Northern regions of Uganda, an area which has recently emerged from 30 years of civil conflict.

Child Restoration Outreach (CRO) – CRO has been supporting Ugandan street children and their families since 1992. AET has partnered with CRO to implement a programme that provides street children with access to school preparation courses, as well as providing them with the psychological and social support necessary to help bridge the gap between formal school and a return to family life.

The HOME Trust – HOME seeks to address the social and economic challenges affecting the development of orphans and vulnerable children in the pastoralist Maasai communities of Laikipia, Kenya. HOME Trust is a major regional contact for AET’s Mother Tongue Education (MTE) project, aimed at improving enrolment and retention rates of children of the Maa-speaking communities in Laikipia.