Our Case Studies


When Cedonia was taken out of school by her parents, she needed the support of Clementina, her local School Mother, to encourage them to let her continue with her education.


When Joyce was 13 years old, her mother abandoned her and two younger siblings to take care of themselves. All she wanted was a normal life and chance to go back to school.


Teachers are key to the success of any education system. Teacher training helps them give their students a better chance in school and in life.

Ms Hinda

Ms Hinda was finding it difficult to run her business because of her lack of literacy and numeracy skills. Learning for Livelihoods programme helped her to turn a new corner.


Muroki was finding it difficult to settle into school because he couldn’t understand English. A new approach was found which helped him to settle in and move forward.


Even though Amour had to drop out of school when young, she was determined to study hard and become an English teacher.


Asli is a 55 year old widow and mother of seven living in a Internally Displaced Person camp. She needed to rebuild and re-establish her life.


Tabitha was in secondary school when her studies were interrupted due to her marriage, but this was not going to stop her from continuing her education.


When it comes to accessing education, people living with disabilities not only face stigma and discrimination, but also an education system often ill-equipped to accommodate their needs.