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Amour’s Story

Even though Amour had to drop out of the school some years back, she wanted to continue with her education.


Amour has been teaching at a lower primary school outside of Bor for the past two years. In truth, she didn’t get very far in education herself, dropping out of school some years back due to a number of factors. However, South Sudan is so desperate for teachers she was able to find a job at her school.

After teaching in the lower primary, she decided to join the intensive three month pre-intermediate and intermediate English language course. As a result of the knowledge and skills she acquired from the course, she learnt to read, write and speak English.

“I wanted to learn the English language properly, so that I could teach others.’’

Amour is a determined lady who wanted to upgrade her English language proficiency and she has demonstrated her commitment to learning by reading novels and other English language books available at our local learning Centre. She is one of our regular book users from our library. She has promised that she will speak English fluently like her mother tongue even though it is not her first language. “It is not too late for me to learn it perfectly,’’ said Amuor.

She still wants to study further English language, up to advanced English language course in the future.

English is now the national language in South Sudan but many people haven’t had a chance to learn the language. Our English language courses offer training to anyone who wants to learn but missed the chance to go to school.

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Teacher Training

Teacher Training programme.

Teachers whose original training has been compromised by disruption of their own education need it more than ever.

The chance to complete official teacher training, or use continuing training to upgrade their skills, are vital opportunities in these circumstances.

This, combined with motivation and recognition of the important role that teachers play, can build the foundation for a functioning education system.

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