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Asli’s Story

After having fled their homes with next to nothing, one of the toughest challenges for people living in an ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ camp is finding new ways of making a living.


The ways they have previously supported themselves, most often through farming, are often closed for them. Families have to then rebuild and re-establish their lives.

Asli is a 55 year old widow and mother of seven whose arm is incapacitated. She was one of the beneficiaries of an our programme providing literacy and numeracy classes to Somali IDP camps. She is now able to read, write and calculate.

Upon completion of the literacy course, we were able to also provided her with a modern wooden bee hive to help further her income generating activities. She has made excellent use of the bees and the training she received. As well as selling honey produced from her ten hives in the nearby market, Asli has built up another business selling home-made biscuits, cakes and bread. The profits from these ventures have allowed her three younger children to go to school. Asli’s older children help with the family businesses, which now also include a training programme for other local people to learn about bee keeping.

“The bee project as a whole was very beneficial to the different families at the camp. I believe that because of this gift we now have a good income we can use for the wellbeing of our families. I am not a refugee any more. I have a home. I can pay school fees for my children and buy food for my family.”

We work with many people who have missed out on education and need to rebuild their lives. Help us to continue our work. 


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Internally Displaced People

Conflict, persecution or environmental disasters can mean that many people become displaced, missing out on opportunities to access education and finish school.

Patchy education means that many young people finish primary school in their late teens.

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