Case Study – Cedonia’s Story

Our Stories – The impact of School Mothers on a girls’ education

Cedonia’s Story

When Cedonia’s parents took her out of school, her local school mother Clementina, decided to pay them a visit at home.

Cedonia is a pupil in primary six in South Sudan. In her school, they have a School Mother, her name is called Clementine. Cedonia says, she is kind and mindful of her duties as a School Mother.

Last year Cedonia’s parents removed her from school. Clementina noticed she wasn’t attending anymore, and told Cedonia she would come speak with her parents.

“When Clementine met with my mother and father, she explained her role as a School Mother in the school and community and how she supported girls through regular guidance, counselling and ensuring they didn’t have to miss out on education” Cedonia explains.

CedoniaClementina’s first discussion with my parents about getting me back to school ended in a deadlock, but she did not give up and came back. Eventually, Clementina was able to convince my parents of the importance of education and my parents allowed me to go back to school.

Many parents have sent their children to school due to the hard work of Clementina as the School Mother within her community. It’s important that advocacy is right at the fingertips of those who need help and are disadvantaged, especially girls, whose right to education could be denied because of family pressure and other reasons.

Cedonia is now in class seven and is working hard. She said she wants to become a doctor.

The School Mother’s programme works with schools and communities to identify local women can mentor girls and advocate for girls’ education in their schools.

Your continued support trains more women to become School Mothers ensuring girls can continue with their education.


Schools Mothers

The importance of a School Mother

The School Mother’s programme works with the school and community to identify local women who volunteer to mentor girls and advocate for girls’ education in their schools.

School Mothers work with a specific school, which they visit weekly, and sometimes daily, to support their girls.

They will run workshops for girls on female hygiene, sanitation and other important life skills.

They help teachers understand girls’ needs, and ask teachers to notify them when there are worries about particular girls.

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