Case Study – Kadar’s Story

Our Stories – Mobile Libraries are providing a life line to people living with a disablity.

Kadar’s Story

Kadar lives in a small village and is one the beneficiaries of AET’s mobile library for disabled people in Somaliland.

When it comes to accessing education, people living with disabilities not only face stigma and discrimination but also an education system often ill-equipped to accommodate their needs. Not least of these challenges is the fact that many people living with disabilities have no way to travel to schools, libraries or other education facilities. Our mobile libraries help bring education to people living with disabilities.

“As a reader at the disability mobile library I am able to read new books. Sitting with my friends, I am able to read every Monday. The mobile library has created relationships that were formed reading together. These are short times, but have the capability to last for a lifetime and at the end of the day, this will bring our community closer.

“I believe that the future of this programme can be something amazing for the promotion of people living with disabilities. For people who may want to come, I would tell them that no matter how crowded the reading place may be, stay light-hearted and bring others a bit of your sunshine because it will go a long way. If you believe in making a difference and having an impact on lives of others you should take the step and opportunity everyday to do so. And I believe the disability library outreach project is an astonishing environment to be able to make that difference.”

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Disability Inclusion

Living with a disability

People living with disabilities face huge struggles in accessing education in the countries where we work.

We do not see disability as an inability, but rather a unique set of challenges learners face. With the right support these challenges can be overcome.

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