Case Study – Joyce’s Story

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Joyce’s Story

When Joyce was 13 years old, her mother abandoned her and her two younger siblings to take care of themselves. She had to drop out of school and find work helping food sellers in the market.
She was barely paid and often only received left-over food. Joyce Street Child Uganda

When we met Joyce, she was selling fried cassava in the market and we offered her our support, to help her get off the streets and back to school. She leapt at the chance to meet with our social workers and we were able to trace Joyce’s grandmother and re-house her and her younger siblings.

Over the past two years, her transformation has been incredible. With the support of counsellors and teachers at the child restoration outreach centre, Joyce has successfully completed the rehabilitation course.

She is now back in the classroom, enrolled at a local school, whose teachers have been trained to support former street children in their learning. We still see her regularly and she is one of the strongest players at the centres under 14 girls’ football team, which makes it no surprise that her ambition is to become a PE teacher.

So many children are living on the streets driven by the loss of family, lack of financial support or intolerable living situations at home.

Help us to continue supporting children off the street and back into education.


Street Children

Recovering from Street Life

Once a child finds themselves on the street, they can face enormous struggles to continue their education, leaving them open to abuse and danger on the streets.

Encouraging and supporting children back into school ensures that they can find stability and break that cycle of poverty.

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