Our Projects

Working to help those most excluded from education

Radio Education

Radios are a low-cost, low-profile way to provide lessons. Pre-recorded lessons and classes can be held in any location that is convenient which makes them perfect to run even in unstable areas.


BRITE Futures

Preparing students through training and experience in high-demand subject areas so they can successfully transition to higher education, future careers and entrepreneurship.

School Mothers & Girl-Friendly Schools

Providing girls with girl-friendly school environment and community-based mentors and advocates who support and encourage them are central to increased the number of girls attending and staying in school.

Libraries and Literacy

Mobile and lending libraries help spread books among the community. These libraries have become both learning centres and social centres for many neighbourhoods.

Accelerated Secondary School Education

Offering condensed secondary school education to women helps them return to school and achieve the education and quality of life they would otherwise miss out on.

Peacebuilding Through Education

Quality education creates opportunities for discussion and dialogue in classrooms and schools, which helps communities to confront and address the challenges and conflicts around them.

Mother Tongue Education

It’s been proven that learning in your mother tongue at a young age better prepares you for success in school and will even assist you in gaining fluency in another language.

Pastoralist Teachers

Having teachers that move with pastoralist communities ensures that education is available for these communities and fits with their way of life.

Curriculum, Exams and School Systems

Working on curriculum, exams and the entire system of education in partnership with local communities, helps put the control of education in communities’ hands and is essential to moving towards recovery, peace and prosperity.


Teacher Training

A good teacher is essential for quality education and helping teachers to improve their skills benefits whole generations of students.

Recovering from Street Life

After living on the street, many children find returning to school a struggle. But with ongoing support it’s possible for them to reclaim their childhood.

Disability Inclusion

Disability is not inability, but rather a unique set of challenges learners face that can be overcome with the right support.