Delivering Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Creating Opportunities and Inspiring Youth


Two decades of protracted armed conflict in Somalia have had significant repercussions on the country, weakening institutions and state structures and exacerbating poverty and youth unemployment. With limited options for education and employment, young people are highly susceptible to recruitment by extremist groups and criminal gangs, as well as being at risk of being drawn into illegal migration. 


Our latest addition to our portfolio of programmes specialises in delivering Technical and Vocational Education and Training to disadvantaged youths who, for a myriad of reasons, have missed out on education. In order to make it accessible for as many as possible, the project began with basic literacy and numeracy skills training interwoven with exploring societal issues and financial literacy. Upon completion, they will progress to the next stage of our programme and utilise their newly acquired skills to create sustainable businesses that will change their lives for the better.

Somali Youths


Education for all is the key to development. Our TVET model’s main objective is to contribute towards poverty reduction by providing marginalised youths with functional skills as well as literacy. This will reduce youth unemployment and vulnerability in Somalia as well as increase their opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.


In partnership with an external loan provider, the youths will be encouraged to generate profitable business ideas and will receive support with bringing these ideas into fruition. Moreover, they will be supported with gaining meaningful work placements and internships as an alternative route to employment. One of our key objectives is the promotion of peace building and conflict resolution, this project enables young people vulnerable to conflict to see that there are alternative paths, that they are capable of taking them and that they have a right to a quality education.

We will be delivering ‘Inspiring Somaliland and Central and South Somalia Youth through skills training and creation of employment opportunities’ in partnership with the organisations below.

Funded by the European Union

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