Our Resources

Our Resources

Access to Information

Information is power. The people we work with, our communities, our donors, our partners and others in the field of education and development need to be able to hear about our planning process, our research, how we work and what we achieve.

We are committed to providing open access to our studies, reports and evaluations of our projects. You can find many of our recent publications available on our website. If information you are seeking is not available, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Protection of Our People

While we strive to share as much detail about our work as possible, because of the fragile areas where we operate, at times we need to withhold certain personal information to protect the children and people we work with and also to ensure the security of our staff and partners.

For this reason we alter any personal names, including those of schools we work with, in all public documents to ensure the safety, security and privacy of the children and people who benefit from our programmes.

Download or View Our Publications

2018 – Annual Report: In From the Margins

2018 – Summary Report: In From the Margins

2016- Annual Report

2016- School Mothers Project Impact Assessment

2015- I-LEARN Mid Term Review

2014- Programme Review

2014 – Speak Up Evaluation 2011-2013

2013 – Somali Pastoralist Education and Training 2008-11

2013 – LABE Mother Tongue Education Report

2013 – LABE Mother Tongue Education Report Abridged

2013 – Interactive Radio Instruction in South Sudan

2011 – Vocational Skills for Nomadic Pastoralists

2011 – Review of Programmes

2011 – Flexible Approach to Basic Education Report

2011 – Empowering Village Education

2009 – Flexible Approach to Basic Education with Somali Pastoralists

2008 – Education Needs in Somali Pastoralist Communities

2007 – Alternative Basic Education in African Countries Emerging From Conflict