Shamim’s Story

Our Stories – Off the streets and back to school

Shamim’s Story

Shamim remembers how everything changed from that point forward “Life seemed hopeless after my father disappeared. I dropped out of school in my fourth year. I remember the most traumatizing day when our landlord threw us out because we couldn’t pay rent and still that night we didn’t even have money to feed ourselves.”

hawa and shamim 2 cropped 2She says, children while working on the streets go through many challenges and problems. “Mentally you can’t go to school, you can’t think, and you are absent to work for long hours, so you can eat. This affects our academic performance and regularity in class. Some work is hazardous to our health. Girls are at a great risk of being attacked by drunken men in bars or even by older boys on the streets. People look down on you and call you names like ‘Mawungu’ which means destitute. You feel alone, rejected and bitter. Some children end up using drugs as a ‘myth’ of healing from this situation.”

Shamim says her world seemed hopeless until she met a couple of social workers who were part of the Child Restoration Outreach project.

The Child Restoration Outreach project works with caregivers and children to help parents get back on their feet and get children back to the classroom. Education really does transform lives. Here is how we do it:

  1. Children are enrolled in transitional classes where they can catch-up on missed education and socially transition back into school-life;
  2. Support parents with learning and training so they can better support their children;
  3. Help children re-enrol into local schools and get a real chance at finishing school.

shamim pic cropped_edited-1Shamin says, “I suggest that children should be given basic needs. Once children are shown love, care and support they can be able to feel safe at home. This will help them to have a normal life at home and school. Children ought to be enrolled in school and provided with scholastic materials. The schools, with the help of teachers, ought to create violence-free environments to increase retention and completion rates.”

Three years ago, Shamim start this programme. When she returned to primary school she completed her education with top grades and has now been accepted into her first year of Secondary school education.

She finishes, “my wish is that our caregivers are supported with a grant to be able to improve the economic status of our homes. This will help them to provide us with basic needs.”


You can give the gift of education to someone who desperately wants to learn


Off the Streets

Back to School

When children don’t make it to school, you help us get them back into the classroom and back on track for a bright future.


Learn more about Street Child Education

Africa Educational Trust and the Child Restoration Outreach project helps address the reasons children end up on the street, and give comprehensive support to get them and their families back on their feet.

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Shamim’s Mother- Hawa

hawa pic miniHawa thought she couldn’t manage on her own after her husband left. But education helped her support herself and her children.

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