Somalia National Examinations register record enrolment

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Somalia National Examinations register record enrolment

A record 79,000 pupils across Somalia enrolled to take primary and secondary school-leaving examinations, in May. We have supported standardised exam provision in Somalia for over a decade, allowing form four and grade eight students to complete their education and receive their certificates. The Somali Ministries of Education have dramatically increased enrolment in national examinations since they were reinstated in 2016 when 3,410 students took the first centralised secondary exams in Federal Somalia.

Our partnership with the European Union (EU) has enabled us to create education systems that communities can be confident in. We provide the technical support necessary to develop a more robust curriculum that teaches students how to problem solve with knowledge they have gained, and not just learn by rote. We also ensure that new curricula conform to international standards. By ensuring standardised and recognised exams, the students’ certificates are recognised and respected internationally as well as by prospective employers. This provides the students with greater opportunities and a greater incentive to continue with the studies.

Despite existing disagreements and conflicts between various regions in Somalia, we are supporting Somali people to come together to develop a curriculum framework and associated textbooks. At the bedrock of this process is peace building, democracy and diversity. AET is the lead coordinator for curriculum development in Somalia and we have developed and implemented a process of consultation with different regional and community groups to ensure a commonly accepted framework.

“It is gratifying to see the Somali youth educated and examined from a Somali curriculum that was developed through community consultations to chart the future of a vibrant Somali society. We look forward to further engagement with EU to support education development in Somalia by improving infrastructure and capacity of staff in management of education programmes”, commented Hon. Abdulahi Godaha Barre, Minister of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia.


Secondary Students Mogadishu

Secondary students sitting their final exams

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