Students for Peace

Posted Friday May 15, 2015 by Africa Educational Trust

Students for Peace

Meet some of the members of one of our peace clubs near Juba in South Sudan and hear what they have to say about creating peace. Here is Samuel, Annie, Evelyn and Evan.

Samuel is originally from the north but stays with his uncle along with seven other children. Annie was actually born in Uganda, but now stays with an Aunt and four other children. Evelyn is from near Juba but her parents are gone, she stays with her brother and seven other sisters and brothers. Evan in from the east of the country and stays with his uncle and ten others.


Why are peace-clubs important?

Samuel- ‘We need to bring people together’.

Annie- ‘People shouldn’t fight anymore. They need to stop.’

Evelyn- ‘People need to be able to stay together without problems and arguments.’

Evan- ‘We need to learn to sit together and solve our problems.’

Why did you join the peaceclub?IMG_3303

Samuel- ‘Our parents died or our families have been killed and this keeps continuing. Some people are running away. I want this to change so that is why I joined.’

Annie – ‘I wanted to learn how to be peacful. Since I’ve joined I feel differently about how to solve problems and I’ve learned a lot about creating peace.’

Evelyn- ‘I joined because I want people to be as one, with no more divisions and seperations.’

Evan – ‘I joined because there were many things I didn’t know about how to create peace.’


Why do people keep fighting?

Samuel – ‘We keep fighting because we don’t know what peace would even look like. Fighting is all we know.’

Annie – ‘The people at the top struggle for power and we all get dragged in.’

Evelyn- ‘People fight because there are few resources. There is too much poverty and too few resources. They fight over food, they fight over cattle’

Evan – ‘People steal cattle, food, property. And then people go after them and it continues’


What do you want your future in South Sudan to look like?

Samuel- ‘We need fighting to stop. So many people who live here don’t have parents anymore. People have been taken and gone missing. But if we go to look for them, we can also be killed. I want there to be peace so we can have families again. I to grow up to be an engineer.’

Annie – ‘I want there to be no more war and no more fighting like there has been this past year. When I grow up I want to be a Nurse.’

Evelyn- ‘We need to be a whole country so we can develop and everyone can live better. That way the country won’t be destroyed again. When I grow up I want to be a teacher.’

Evans- ‘We need to stay together I unity and harmony. We need to develop and get education. I want to become a mechanic.’

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