Give a Couple of Hours

Give a couple of hours

We know some people would struggle to maintain an ongoing commitment but how about lending your expertise for a couple hours? There are a lot of ways you can ‘micro-volunteer’ by offering input, feedback or donating a few hours to a small project.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how you can give a few hours of your experience to help us with our work.

What could you do?

  1. Good with video? Edit a 5 minute video for you-tube.
  2. Expert in the field? Peer review one of our studies or reports.
  3. Education professional? Hold a mini-workshop as an education specialist.
  4. Love social media? Be a social media contact for our appeals and outreach.

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Join Our Community

Be an AET Volunteer

You can use your talents and your time to make a big impact through volunteer with our UK team..

If you are able to give a few hours of your time on a regular basis, there are many ways you may be able to help us get more done, reach more people and change education for the better.

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Current Opportunities

University Representative

Are you looking for a life experiences that make a difference. Make space for some voluntary work that can really add value to your overall university experience.

We are looking for a passionate, committed and proactive individual to represent Africa Educational Trust on university campuses across the UK.

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Internships and Volunteer Placements

Current Openings:

We do accept unsolicited volunteer applications.  Please provide a one page cover-letter summarising your skills and what you are interested in doing along with a two page CV.  Those candidates who are successfully placed are generally those who are more focused in their interests.

Note** Given the security situation in many of the areas where we work, we do not offer overseas placements. If you have another vision of what volunteering for us might be, drop us a line and we’ll see about making it work.

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