Welcome from our Chair

Posted Wednesday November 26, 2014 by Jo Addison

Welcome from our Chair

Thank you for visiting the Africa Educational Trust website. Getting to know AET is like discovering a chest full of treasure buried in a desolate landscape. Prepare to be amazed.

AET is all about education, how to improve it or make it more accessible and how to get education systems going again. How we do this is incredibly varied, working around what’s possible and what’s needed most.

Our work is mostly in countries like Somalia and South Sudan, where war has taken a deadly toll. What AET has achieved in the midst of conflict is truly remarkable. And what’s made it possible is the commitment of our in-country staff operating, where it matters, in Africa.

AET supports education for all, young and old. There’s support for early learning in remote parts of Kenya. We work with street children in Uganda to help them integrate into local schools. There’s also non-formal education and distance learning programmes for adults, offering literacy and numeracy to men and women who missed out on school.

AET also works to build institutional capacity. In Somalia and Somaliland we’ve supported local and national administrations to restore education systems where these have broken down. We have helped establish exam systems and supported the development of common school curricula.

Our outstanding in-country staff has a wealth of experience in educational development and a talent for innovation. To give everyone the best chance, AET has developed social programmes in South Sudan and Somaliland that make it easier for girls and people living with disabilities to go to school and to complete their education when they get there.

The challenges for education in Africa remain huge. We are a small organisation with a clear focus and a good track record of getting things done. With your help we can do more.

Please read about our work and support the Africa Educational Trust. You won’t regret it.

Best Wishes,
Sally Healy

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