What We Do

Providing education to people who would otherwise miss out

Our Communities

There is no good reason to exclude anyone from education. The chance of an education is the chance of a better life for individuals, communities and countries.

Learn about the challenges faced by many of the people and communities we work with and how we are helping ensure they have the chance of an education.

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Our Projects

Through our projects we are building education systems that will provide education for all, while meeting the needs of people who have struggled to access education.

Learn all about our current projects and how they are improving education for children and adults across the areas where we work.

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Our Approach

AET is an education specialist organisation, that believes supporting quality education is key for changing individuals, communities and countries for the better.

Learn about what makes us unique in the way we work and how it lets us deliver innovative, impactful projects.

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Stories of Our Work

In the course of our work we encounter many amazing people who show dedication to education even in the face of the incredible challenges. We want to share some of those stories and let you see the difference education has made in their lives.

Case Studies