What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Our Vision

We envisage a continent in which all African nations provide quality education for every citizen.

Our Mission

We support people in Africa who have been excluded from educational opportunities due to conflict, discrimination or poverty.

In all its operations, we are committed to:

  • Providing quality education that encourages independent thought.
  • Ensuring that education strengthens communities and self-empowerment.
  • Eliminating exclusion from education, especially on grounds of gender and disability.
  • Developing local ownership of programmes.
  • Developing appropriate programmes for conflict and post-conflict areas.

Our Values

We believe:

  • education is essential if people are to participate effectively in the life of their communities and contribute to development, peace and stability in their countries.
  • that everyone is entitled to receive quality education without discrimination.
  • in empowering individuals and communities to identify their educational needs and develop appropriate programs to address them.
  • that the communities we work with our partners in development and have ownership of their educational opportunities.

Where we work

We work in difficult and conflict affected environments in Africa where our experience and expertise can have most impact. We work where there are marginalized communities who are not well served by existing educational systems.

What we do

AET works in collaboration with local communities, Ministry of Education officials and local organisations to provide formal or alternative education and basic skills training. Our work includes projects aimed at reducing poverty and illiteracy among women, children, disabled people, those who have suffered displacement and instability, and those in nomadic and pastoralist communities.

How we do it

We deliver our programmes by involving local communities, local employees and local political structures where appropriate, in a transparent and co-operative manner that emphasises collaborating rather than instructing. Our commitment to ‘education for all’ is developed within the context of local cultures wherever possible, and delivered through local participants who then come to own the schemes supported by AET.

Our Strategic Framework

 To fulfil our mission, we organise our work under some broad themes:

  1. Design and implement new innovative solutions to the educational challenges faced by marginalised people, focusing on conflict or post conflict regions of Africa.
  2. Improve the quality and availability of education for all our targeted communities.
  3. Ensure our organisation is fit for purpose to achieve our mission.

Read our full Strategy Statement and goals for 2018 – 2023

In Action

Our Principles in Action

To see how we put our principles in action have a look at our What We Do section or if you have specific questions please get in touch.

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